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Download BluffTitler

Version BluffTitler 13.5
Size 48 MB
Date released Friday, September 22nd 2017


If you do not like installers you can download the app as a ZIP file.

Program history

For your personal upgrade offer, start BluffTitler and choose HELP > Check for upgrades or click here


Released: Friday, June 30th 2017

Changes since version 13.0:

  • 8 new properties in the sketch layerOffsetPen rotationGravityFrictionInitial speed, Minimum speedWriter offsetPen size and Smooth
  • 5 new properties in the camera layerColour intensityFade colourFade stageTarget layer and Active camera
  • 5 new styles in the sketch layerClosedOpenHalfpipeRails and Star
  • 1 new property in the EPS layerCharacters
  • Attach camera and container layers to sketch layers
  • Projected shadows. Learn more
  • Pictures are now loaded with WIC. With the right codecs installed, BluffTitler can now load PSD, EXR, HDR, RAW and many more files. Learn more
  • Support for HDR pictures (16 bits per component integer and half float formats)
  • New button in the file dialog: Desktop
  • Support for SSL (https)
  • VJ dialog
  • Redesigned drivers dialog. Learn more
  • 3 new properties in the particle layerTime dilationLaunch normal and Launch normal tolerance
  • The Filters/Distortion effect now has properties to animate the red, green and blue channels individually
  • The <Control><F1> dialog has 3 new tabs: DirectShowWIC and Files
  • Restored feature: Gamma property camera layer
  • Bugfix: animated GIFs are now played correctly
  • Bugfix: 32 bits videos (RGBA) are no longer flipped vertically
  • Bugfix: target layer property camera layer can now point to a text layer attached to a sketch layer
  • Removed features: default show in options dialog, post render command, Shadow softness property in light layer

Version 13.0

Released: 19/10/2016

  • Introduction of the ULTIMATE edition
  • New layer: Landscape layer
  • New layer: Water layer
  • New layer: Waving flag layer
  • New layer: Hand layer
  • New layer: Skybox layer
  • New layer: Colourmap layer
  • New layer: VR 360° layer
  • New menu item: LAYER > Stand in landscape
  • New menu item: LAYER > Float in water
  • New menu item: LAYER > Attach layer > Attach cubemap to active layer
  • Improved lighting model: the specular colour can now be set independently with the Specular colour property
  • Attach a container layer to a container layer
  • New picture layer style: Fulscreen in foreground
  • New text and scroller tag: <timer />
  • 2 new effects: Filters/Distortion and AdvancedMaterials/Lightened_NoDepthWrite
  • New option in FILE > Show properties… dialog: pre-export simulation time
  • MP4 profile dropdown in drivers tab of options dialog
  • Improved: blob particles (metaballs)
  • Improved: particle layer
  • Improved: resolution cubemap layer in high quality mode increased from 512 to 1024 (necessary for 4K VR 360° export)
  • Optimization: 3D math operations much faster
  • Optimization: delay when first time opening file and about dialogs removed
  • Bugfix: particles now always take over the position, size and rotation of of the parent layer, even when using the Flexibility property
  • Bugfix: shadow artifacts fixed
  • Bugfix: antialisaing issues transparent export fixed
  • Bugfix: deleted shows are now correctly moved to the recycle bin
  • Bugfix: options dialog now supports higher Windows font sizes
  • Removed: sort layers on layer type option in options dialog
  • Removed: favorites menu item

Older versions

Version 12

Released: 2015-6-10

  • DirectX 11
    BluffTitler 12 is powered by DirectX 11. This makes installing BluffTitler painless (DirectX 11 is part of Windows) and gives us access to the power of the latest generation of graphics cards!
  • New GUI buttons
    The GUI buttons have been redesigned: nice, clear and modern! Learn more
  • In-app lessons
    Lessons are offered as show files: choose FILE > Open show…Learn more
  • Mirror layer
    With the mirror layer you can create perfect reflections on planes. Learn more
  • Cubemap layer
    With the cubemap layer you can generate spectacular reflections on round surfaces. Learn more
  • New 3D models
    Our alien friend Bix and his robotic sidekick EZ have received a makeover and a 3rd avatar model is introduced. All models can be fully animated. Learn more
  • Displacementmapping Learn more
  • Thumbnails
    This makes scanning and selecting shows, presets and effects so much easier! Learn more
  • Depth of field (DOF) effectLearn more
  • Fog effect. Learn more
  • Render window resolution independent of export resolution
    This makes editing more relaxed.
  • No more reloading
    Media files no longer have to be reloaded when you resize the render window or go fullscreen. This makes the app more responsive.
  • One global quality setting
    In version 12 there is only 1 quality option: the menu items SETTINGS > Low/Normal/High quality. This way you no longer have to worry about hidden options affecting the quality.
  • One options dialog
    Version 12 has 1 options dialog with 3 tabs: choose SETTINGS > Options…. With 1 options dialog you no longer have to worry you missed some settings.
  • 1 new property in the camera layer: Brightness
  • 2 new properties in the sketch layer: Texture position and Texture size
  • Sketch and EPS layers can now use the same EPS file
  • Style dropdown in font dialog
  • If the Chameleon property of the particle layer is negative, the particle colours are taken from the target layer instead of the parent layer
  • New menu item: EDIT > Change all effects
  • Number of textures per layer increased from 2 to 3. This makes more complex effects possible, take a look at the Effects/AdvancedMaterials folder.
  • Number of lights increased from 1 to 4. This greatly improves realism.
  • Support for all 5 DirectX 11 shader types: vertex, hull, domain, geometry and pixel shaders.
  • Number of effect properties increased from 10 to 16.
  • New particle layer property: DampingLearn more
  • Adjusted picture layer property: 3rd slider of the Star property controls the shape of the star.
  • Motion blur Learn more
  • Support for HDR displacementmaps Learn more

Moving from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11

  • DirectX 11 no longer supports DirectX 9 FX files and does not offer a replacement system. BluffTitler 12 introduces a new effect format: CFX files. To stay compatible, the installer offers CFX versions of the old FX files. When opening an old show, the matching CFX files are automatically selected. Learn more

Removed features

  • Info bar at the bottom of the render window
  • Screen emulator
  • Passe partout layer
  • Motion blur post processing
  • IPC control
  • MIDI control
  • Shell window
  • Next show property
  • Export as cubemap
  • Export as alphabet

Version 11

Released: 2014-2-25

  • Bitmap tracer
    This greatly simplifies the process of turning your 2D logos into 3D models. Choose LAYER > Add layer > Add traced picture layer… to trace a picture. Learn more
  • Stroked text
    Borders in BluffTitler were always added to the interior of the texts. With the new Stroked text style we can finally add borders to the outside! Learn more
  • Stereo rendering
    When you set the new Pupil distance property of the camera layer to a non-zero value, 2 viewports are rendered, one for each eye. Pixel shaders are available for red green anaglyph glasses and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Learn more
  • New pixel styles
    The text, EPS and traced picture layers offer the following new styles: Floating HexagonsFloating Triangles and BubblesLearn more
  • Improved bitmap fonts
    Version 11 is fully compatible with bitmap fonts created with Alphabix 2.0
  • Drawing contours
    The sketch layer now also accepts bitmaps. Learn more
  • Improved quality: the font glyphs, EPS shapes and blob particles are rendered with more polygons
  • Optimization: the 3D glyph models of the text and scroller layers are now generated a lot faster resulting in faster loading shows and a more responsive editor
  • 5 new particle layer properties: Launch plane positionLaunch plane rotationLaunch plane sizeFloor level and TurbulenceLearn more
  • 3 new physics effects: Accelerate slowDecelerate slow and Accelerate and decelerate slowLearn more
  • 2 new spline effects: Spline Hulshoff and Spline Hulshoff smoothLearn more
  • New particle layer effect: Pointing randomlyLearn more
  • 1 new property in the container layer: Pivot point.
  • 2 new properties in the particle layer: Min/Max Particles and Variation.
  • 4 new buttons in browser panel: SettingsChange all textsChange all fontsChange all textures. These buttons make it much easier to use templates.
  • UHDTV resolution presets in FILE > Set show resolution… dialog.

Version 10

Released: 2013-2-25

  • New GUI design: 60 new Metro/Windows 8 style buttons
  • Resizable tool window
  • Big app icon (256 x 256)
  • Change all texts with EDIT > Change all texts
  • Change all fonts with EDIT > Change all fonts
  • Change all textures with EDIT > Change all textures
  • Find a layer with <Control> F
  • Find next layer with <Control> G
  • Merge shows with <Control> M
  • Multiple viewports
  • Full audio support
  • New physics effects: ZigZag and Robotic
  • New light layer property: Beam range
  • New text layer effects: XY-slicesZ-slicesStraight slicesRound slicesVertically revolvedTubular squareLight discsLight bulbsExtended outlinesand Ornaments
  • New text layer properties: Pivot pointSlices position and Slices rotation
  • New particle layer effects: 3D cubes and 3D blocks
  • New plasma layer property: Gradient power
  • New sketch layer effect: Square
  • New sketch layer property: Italic
  • New model layer properties: Submodel and Pivot point
  • Depth bias properties in the text, EPS, picture and model layers to solve sorting problems.
  • Advanced cache control: Cache XML files checkbox in the SETTINGS > Internet options… dialog
  • Possibility to set the resolution of your webcam
  • Possibility to attach a light layer to a camera layer
  • Select a layer by double clicking on it
  • Moving a layer by dragging it is now relative to the camera orientation
  • Super fast shader antialiasing
  • New setting in options dialog: auto folding layers hierarchy
  • New setting in options dialog: always show tool window at startup

Version 9

Version 9 has never been released.

Version 8

Released: 2010-1-14

  • New layer: Container layer
  • New layer: Lightning layer
  • New layer: Lense Flare layer
  • New layer: Voxel layer
  • Playlists. Choose SETTINGS > Playlist window to display the playlist window
  • Support for multi-monitor systems
  • Advanced time tags in the text layer
  • Options dialog: choose SETTINGS > Options…
  • Vertical align composition effects in the text layer
  • New light layer properties: Beam colourFlare size and Flare colour
  • Shadows and lightbeams are now generated by text, EPS, picture, model and sketch layers
  • New text layer effect: Single sided
  • New text layer property: Encrypt
  • New picture layer effects: Single sidedSkybox and 2D in foreground
  • New particle layer effects: Pointing upwards and Pointing towards flight direction
  • New particle layer properties: ChameleonEffect sizeLaunch colourLaunch colour toleranceGrid and Target layer
  • New sketch layer effects: Attached layers point upwards and Attached layers follow sketch
  • New scroller layer property: Transparency
  • New plasma layer effects: HorizontalVertical and Radial gradient
  • New sketch layer effect: Square
  • New model layer property: Colour
  • All demo shows that come with the installer now have the widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio
  • When editing, the active layer is rendered with a local coordinate system. This can be turned on/off by pressing <F2> or by choosing SETTINGS > Options…
  • Optimized rendering for realtime apps
  • Option to export with transparency info (compressed 32 bits RGBA)
  • Bitmap fonts: click on the new Select Bitmap Font button in the <F6> font dialog. Use Alphabix to create bitmap fonts
  • Video texture is updated when timeslider is moved
  • Attach borders to picture, video and video capture layers
  • Maximum number of particles increased from 1.000 to 10.000
  • Maximum number of characters in the text layer increased from 500 to 1000
  • Maximum show duration increased from 3 to 60 minutes
  • Use IE proxy settings option in the internet options dialog
  • Premultiplied alpha channel in SDI output and video export
  • Support for UNC paths
  • Intuitive camera position mouse control
  • Proper Would you like to overwrite? dialog when saving show with all media files

Version 7

Released: 2007-7-24

  • Software Antialiasing
    With software antialiasing your exported video and picture files always look super sharp, no matter what graphics card, video driver and hardware antialiasing settings you are using. A nice side effect is that you no longer have to keep the render window visible when exporting
  • Create videos with resolutions bigger than your desktop
    For example you will be able to create the highest HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 on a 1024 x 768 desktop. Resolutions good enough for printing are also possible, like creating a 4000 x 4000 picture for use on a party flyer. In the FILE > Set show resolution… dialog you can select a view of 50%, 25% or 12.5% to indicate that the exported resolution should be 2, 4 or 8 times bigger than the render window
  • Support for shader model 3
    Advanced effects like median filters, morphing effects and fractals are possible with shader model 3. Of course these effects will only work if your graphics card also supports shader model 3 (Geforce 6, ATI X1800 or better)
  • Effect properties
    Effect files used to abuse existing properties to make them controllable by the GUI. In version 7 effect files can add properties to layers. For example it is possible to create a Mandelbrot fractal effect that adds the properties Max iterations and Colour cycling speed to the picture layer. Another example is plane-to-donut morph effect that adds a Morp stage property to the picture layer
  • Subtle material effects
    Combine lighting, texture mapping and reflection mapping in any ratio: fine-tune your materials from dull to 100% reflective
  • New file formats
    Stills and numbered frames can be exported in the following file formats: BMP(24 & 32 bits), TGA(24 & 32 bits), JPG(24 bits), GIF(8 bits), TIF(24 bits) and PNG(24 & 32 bits)

Version 6

Released: 2007-1-18

  • Sketch layer: animate EPS files created with Bixelangelo
  • Full unicode support: select the unicode character set in the MEDIA > Change font dialog
  • Browser panel with BackForwardRefreshStop loading and Home buttons, URL combo box and status bar
  • All media files including textures, videos, models, effects and .BT show files can be downloaded from the internet by using paths starting with “http:”
  • Hyperlinks: add links to layers with the new menu item: LAYER > Active layer properties
  • Video and audio files can be streamed from the internet. Choose SETTINGS > Internet Options to turn streaming on/off
  • New menu item: FILE > Save show + all media files which is handy when copying shows to/from another computer or a web server
  • New menu item: SETTINGS > Internet options
  • Textures, meshes, models and pools are shared between layers and successive shows: shows load faster and use less memory
  • Support for multiple webcams
  • BluffTitler can create video files bigger than 2GB (OpenDML Extensions)
  • New model layer property: Specularity
  • Correct rendering of Hebrew, Farsi, Arabic, Thai and Khmer

Version 5

Released: 2006-5-1

  • Smooth scroller layer
  • Bumpmapping (normal maps)
  • Cubemapping (with .DDS files)
  • Multi-Texturing effects
  • Tonal Art Mapping (realtime hatching)
  • Realtime filter effects in the picture, video and video capture layers
  • Text morphing effects
  • New particle layer property: Depth bias
  • Filmstrip support in the picture layer
  • New model layer property: Transparency

Version 4

Released: 2005-12-19

  • 3D model layer
  • Shadows
  • Lightbeams
  • Cloth simulation in the picture layer
  • Dynamic content: use BluffTitler to read RSS news feeds or as a photo browser
  • New picture layer property: Bounds
  • 3 new text layer properties: Decoration densityBounds and Character size
  • Maximum number of characters increased to 500
  • Possibility to move the drop-down menu to the tool window and back

Version 3

Released: 2005-7-1

  • Optimized code resulting in ultra smooth realtime performance
  • 6 new pixel effects: PixelsCornered pixelsRounded pixelsFloating cubesFloating spheres and Floating cylinders
  • 3 new particle effects: Blobs (meta-balls), Spheres and Pipes
  • 5 new text compositions: SpiralRollStringLeft and Right
  • 2 new texture modes: Masking and Additive reflection mapped
  • 3 new text layer Properties: TransparencyDecoration size and Font size
  • 5 new plasma effects: Line SegmentsCirclesTrianglesRectangles and Rays
  • New menu item: LAYER > Attach plasma

Version 2

Released: 2004-9-1

  • Cool new skinnable GUI
  • Optical kerning
  • Draggable keyframes
  • 2 new particle layer properties: Trail density and Rotation
  • New camera layer property: Arm length
  • Undo/redo functionality
  • 32 bits video export
  • New menu item: LAYER > Attach border
  • New menu item: LAYER > Attach particles
  • Presets
  • Plasma layer
  • Particle layer
  • EPS layer
  • Video capture layer
  • Audio layer
  • Command line options
  • Video textures

Version 1

Released: 2003-8-5

  • First release!

System requirements